Legal consultancy

Legal advice on labour and employment law
Grakom can provide its members with advice on all relevant legal matters. Typical questions are:

  • "What do the agreements say about flexible working hours and overtime?” 
  • “Where can I find the right information about employers’ contribution, sickness benefit and unemployment insurance?” 
  • “What are my legal obligations in relation to employing staff?”

Grakom also keeps member companies up to date with the latest news regarding labour law and employment law with updates on the Grakom website on the most important decisions and essential changes in legislation.

Additionally, practical guidance and suggestions in document format regarding staff employment issues are also available. Grakom also offers courses in employment law and related subjects.

Business law
Grakoms consultancy concerning business law includes advice and guidance on the following areas:  

  • Reviews of commercial terms and conditions of contract including matters such as sales, deliveries and fitness for purpose conditions
  • Disputes over faulty production equipment
  • Copyright ownership
  • Trademark law
  • Marketing law and other general business law questions

The Danish Model

In Denmark, there is a long tradition for regulating the labour market through the application of collective agreements rather than by legislation. The Danish Model of collective bargaining has been characterised as a voluntary system, because the Danish Parliament has passed little formal legislation regulating the labour market.

Collective bargaining is applied to:  

  • Wages
  • Hours of work
  • Dismissals
  • Pay during illness
  • Paid maternity/paternity leave
  • The right to further training
  • Pension contribution etc
  • Implementation of EU Directives

Grakom meets with the other parties to negotiate agreements on the graphics industry. The three agreements are the graphics agreement, screen printing agreement and the salaried employees’ agreement.