About ClimateCalc

ClimateCalc calculation tool
ClimateCalc is a graphical tool for calculating the carbon footprint of both the printing company and a specific printed matter.

This means that the graphic company itself is able to compile a carbon account for the entire company, all its activities and all the printed matter produced in the company.

ClimateCalc can simultaneously calculate the carbon footprint of the specific printed matter. This allows the company to advise customers on for example paper that can reduce the CO2 emission of the printed matter. Moreover, the company can offer to carbon compensate print jobs for the individual customer.

With ClimateCalc goes a certificate to document that the company has compiled a carbon account and has demonstrated a correct use of the tool.

Tool for climate management
ClimateCalc can be used as the company’s key carbon management tool.

The company's carbon account shows both the essential areas and the company’s carbon data for the previous years. This allows the company in an easy and clear way to see - and document - on each goal. In addition, ClimateCalc includes facilities that make it possible to create a benchmark of the company’s own energy and climate ratios compared to other companies. It should be emphasized that all companies remain anonymous when benchmarking in ClimateCalc.

The certificate is important
The certificate and accompanying QR-tags are key elements to ensure ClimateCalc and the graphic company the highest credibility in the market.

The certificate documents that the graphic company has made the calculations correctly, and that it is precisely ClimateCalc that has been used.

Based on international standards
ClimateCalc is based on the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the standard for carbon calculation that the European trade organization Intergraf adopted in early 2010. In addition, the ClimateCalc calculation tool observes the requirements for the development of carbon accounts in accordance with ISO 14064-1. Read more about the standards and the data underlying the calculations on the website of ClimateCalc here:

More information about ClimateCalc is available on www.climatecalc.eu or by contacting Grakom - Danish Association for Communication, Design & Medias environmental department on telephone no. +4563127000.